Lady Jane Grey - 1 The Beginning

Welcome to the Lost Letters. :D These letters tell the story of some figure in history in the form of letters. To start off, we'll begin with the story of Lady Jane Grey. Also note, while based on the life of Lady Jane Grey and the writing is based on her own letters, this is a work of fiction.

The year is 1548. King Henry VIII died a year ago and his son, Edward, is now the king of England. Henry’s surviving wife, Catherine Parr, remarried several months later and now lives with her husband, the Lord High Admiral and uncle to the young king, Thomas Seymour in Sudeley Castle. In early 1548, Catherine Parr invites Lady Elizabeth (a daughter of King Henry VIII and Edward’s sister) and Lady Jane Grey (a cousin of king Edward) to stay with her. In this letter Jane is writing to her sister Catherine.

Good sister, after my heartiest commendations to you and mine sister, I find myself delivered whole to the home of the most gracious Queen Dowager Catherine Parr. Sudeley Castle is all that our sweet sister Mary thought it would be. I am able to see the gardens from the windows of my rooms. Our esteemed cousin the Lady Elizabeth arrives tomorrow and will be also under the guardianship of our hosts; Her Majesty the Queen Dowager, and the Lord High Admiral Thomas Seymour.

We are to meet our tutors in the coming days. Her Majesty has taken a great interest in our education and expresses her desire to see us most accomplished. 

What is more good sister, His Lordship has spoken of our going to London soon to visit His Majesty, our cousin, King Edward. We are of an age and the Lord High Admiral believes that His Majesty would enjoy the company of his sister Elizabeth and my most humbled self. 

Do return correspondence soon most cherished sister. Tell me all of how you and little Mary flourish. With my kindest regards to you and my good sister, I rest your loving sister,


Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire

This 18th February, 1548

The Lost Letters of Lady Jane Grey are a work of fiction and belong to Jodi Trask.