Lady Jane Grey - 2 Visits and Celebrations

For you my good sister Catherine I have enclosed a passage from Homer’s Odyssey of which I have translated. Please read it to sweet Mary so that you both may be amused by the tale. 

Our cousin the Lady Elizabeth has been residing in Sudeley Castle this month past. She is as lovely as her image suggests but very serious. I am afraid that we are but acquaintances beneath the same roof. She is highly doted upon by his Lordship. What games they play. How they laugh so when His Lordship goes to wake the Lady Elizabeth in the morning.

As promised, the Lord High Admiral and Her Majesty the Queen Dowager treated us to a trip to London. We visited His Majesty the King Edward. I must confess that he was not what I expected. He was very fair, much how Lord Thomas speaks of his late sister, and the Queen Mother Jane Seymour, may God rest her soul. His Majesty was very kind and most gracious to have his sister the Lady Elizabeth and I in his company. He beseeched us to return again soon. 

Young Lady Elizabeth

Young Lady Elizabeth

I have saved the very best of news for the end. After our return from London, it was discovered that Her Majesty the Queen Dowager Catherine is with child. This news comes quite unexpected and much celebrated. 

I keep you and Mary in my thoughts and preyers. My best to our noble parents.


Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire

This 28th March, 1548




The Lost Letters of Lady Jane Grey are a work of fiction and belong to Jodi Trask.