Lady Jane Grey - 4 Proposal

King Edward VI

King Edward VI

Her Majesty the Queen Dowager is progressing very well cherished sister Catherine. How swollen she is with child. I am reminded of our own Lady mother in the weeks before our sweet little Mary was brought into this world.

The air has calmed since my last correspondence. While the Lady Elizabeth's presence is missed, the household is buzzing with motion for the coming child.

The Lord High Admiral Thomas Seymour was sent to London these past weeks to handle some business before the birth. While I regretted leaveing Her Majesty, it was upon His Lordship's insistence that I accompany him. The reason was to visit His Majesty King Edward, who has written me on several occasions wishing that I may come see him. It is my fondest wish that you may get to make the acquaintance of our dear cousin.

But I must confess, His Majesty King Edward said the most peculiar thing before my returning to Sudeley Castle. It has been suggested that we should marry. Can you scarce believe such a tale Catherine? His Majesty must be the desire of many a noble Princess. He is very kind and fair.

I will of course obey our noble parents in whatever match they wish for me. May my future husband be kind and fair as the King. But I wish for myself a quiet life.

I have returned to Sudeley Castle to await the birth. May he be born healthy and strong. Your good sister,


Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire

This 28th August, 1548