Lady Jane Grey - 3 Scandal

My most cherished sister I come to find I miss you and sweet Mary greatly as of late. 

Something horrible has happened and I wish to record the truth of it here before the need for scandal alters the events beyond recognition. 

I have written to you of the fondness his Lordship displays for the Lady Elizabeth. I confess I thought it innocent, and perhaps it remains so. 

Her Majesty the Queen Dowager discovered his Lordship and the Lady Elizabeth locked within an embrace. With much regret I say that the Lady Elizabeth has been sent away to Chesunt to stay with the household of Sir Anthony Denny. 

The Lady Elizabeth has since written to Her Majesty the Queen Dowager and the Lord High Admiral expressing her deepest remorse for what transpired between them. 

Her Majesty the Queen Dowager us quite distraught and I worry for the child. Pray for her dearest Catherine and ask sweet Mary to do the same. I shall continue my duty here. Forever I remain your good sister,


Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire

This 15th July, 1548