The Beginning

All things have a beginning. Except for perhaps a circle, but one could argue that the beginning would be when the circle itself was created. That would just get you into the whole messy business of talking about the paradox of time.

In this case, the beginning is a letter. A lost letter, pulled somewhere from the tapestry of history and presented here. It, and the letters to follow, will tell the story of lives that were, are, or will be.

That is to say, these letters are a work of fiction, but will have some grain of historic truth.

The first series of letters will revolve around the Lady Jane Grey. Better known as the Nine Day Queen, she became the unlikely monarch of England when her 15 year old cousin, King Edward VI, named her as his successor.


The Lady Jane Grey Series has officially begun. To begin reading, click the link here or select "Jane" from the navigation menu.